Welcome to Fara modest fashion and travel blog, which has been created to make you all look and feel good about yourself. On this site you will not only find helpful fashion tips but also useful travel tips. As well as information on latest trends, whether you are looking for a fashion consultant, personal shopper or stylist, Fara is here to help.

Now a little about Fara. A, and why she decided to write this modest fashion and travel blog.

After completing her BA Honours Degree in Business Management, Fara travelled to Italy to complete a three-month work placement. During her time in Italy, Fara had the opportunity to window shop and admire so many Italian women in fantastic outfits. This helped her to think of clothes in a different light and to experiment with clothes.

Fara saw a need for modest wear especially for professional women. She too struggled constantly to find suitable workwear, which led to her to designing some dresses and making them. Fara has been complimented by many people on her dresses which have been mistaken for Mango and Zara brands.

Fara  wanted to help others to be more confident and  remembered the advice she was given by a young lady at the airport; to share her fashion ideas and tips with the general public using social media.  And as a result, Fara Style blog was born!

Consequently, has worked as a Personal shopper and a Stylist helping many male and female clients by advising them on what to wear, including some clients who lacked in self-belief due to the colour of their skin, weight, height etc.


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