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Where Did 2017 Go?

Hello Everyone,

I am really sorry, I haven’t posted anything since Summer of 2017!!  I cannot believe how quickly the year 2017 has ended.

So where have I been for the past 9 months?

Well where do I begin; in July my family and I made a decision to go to Saudi Arabia on a Hajj pilgrimage.  As most of you know, it is the fifth pillar of Islam which is mandatory for every adult Muslim who is physically and financially capable of undertaking the journey.  In July, I started to mentally prepare myself as well as read up on what I needed to do on this great spiritual journey.  I learnt different chapters from the Quran and I also worked on mentally preparing myself for this once in a lifetime experience.

August 2017 came round so quickly and it was already time to fly out to Saudi Arabia.  My advice to anyone going on Hajj this year is to make sure you get direct flights, as in my case although we asked for direct flights, unfortunately, my family and I were booked on to indirect flights.  We had to travel for over 24 hours, it was not only tiresome but really stressful, as you can imagine.

My Hajj experience was not great because I became ill as soon as I arrived in Mecca.  I had to really push myself to complete my Hajj.  I never thought I would get ill at the beginning of my journey which then lasted a further 5 weeks.  No matter how much we prepare poor health is out of our control and unavoidable. Nonetheless, I rested as much as I could and only participated in events which were mandatory to complete my Hajj.  This Islamic pilgrimage really tests you as a person and over there you really need to be patient, either you become better at being patient or you fail miserably.

Hajj 2017

Hajj 2017

My greatest moment during Hajj was seeing a diverse group of people in millions from all walks of life coming together to complete their Hajj.  Our differences whether it was ethnicity, skin colour or status were all insignificant and meaningless as we all were equal.

After returning to the UK, as I was just getting back into normal life, unfortunately, I met an accident.  I love snow, it’s something I look forward to but we are not always fortunate in the UK to experience it every year.  Well, not where I live in the West Midlands.

On Sunday I made the most of my time in the snow as you can see from the picture.  But on Tuesday when the snow melted and turned into ice, I slipped and fell breaking my ankle in two places.  OUCH!!  It was such a surreal experience after the fall I felt a sharp pain and everything just looked grey.  Luckily, I did not pass out and I was helped by a good samaritan driving pass.


Snow 2017

My recovery process has taken a lot longer than I expected.   Only recently I have started to walk without crutches, on a positive note, I did not require surgery and I got to choose the colour of my cast – barbie pink.


Broken ankle 2017

Can you guess what one of my questions was to my Consultant?

I asked if I would wear heels again (not that I was wearing heels when I fell, I was actually wearing wellies).  Hahaha, must have thought I was so vain!!  On a serious note, I learnt that if you have good health you are the richest of people and we really should be more grateful for things we often take for granted such as being able to walk.  After bounding about on my crutches for over three months as you can imagine I was limited to doing a number of simple things like carrying a cup of tea.  This just made me realise that I’m very lucky to be able to do things for myself and not be dependent on others.

Anyway, I am on the mend now and I promise to be regular in posting.  I hope you guys haven’t broken anything but if you have I would love to hear about your experience.



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  1. Aleema says:

    As always I do look forward to reading your blogs, they are always eye catching!!! was wondering where you been?

    You have had a busy 2017!!

    Love to hear some more beauty and summer dress code ideas!!!


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