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Hey Fashionistas

Do you remember in my last blog I mentioned I wanted to share some news with you?  Well, you no longer have to wait, as in this blog I will be talking about an exciting new project I’ve been working on.

As we all know there are many bloggers and stylists out in the F (Fashion) World sharing their love for fashion and styles with you, which includes me.  However, I wanted to be a little different by actually contributing to the F World.

I have always loved sketching designs of dresses, especially for work.  Some of my designs my mother created for me and for the more complicated designs I paid a seamstress to make my outfit.  However, now I had this sudden urge wanting to learn to cut and sew my own designs.   Designing an outfit is not as difficult as cutting and sewing the actual piece and I never contemplated I could actually create something from scratch.

Before I even learned to cut a pattern my mother decided to gift me with my very own sewing machine.   Oh no!  I thought now I feel the pressure, what if I cannot sew? It’s not something everyone can do.  My mum thought by giving me a sewing machine I would feel at ease using it and won’t worry about damaging her machine.

After my first lesson, I was ready to give up! Boy, I found it hard!  Ok, I know it’s not rocket science but I just didn’t understand the measurements and I just couldn’t cut.  I was really upset knowing that I had so much passion for learning but lacked talent.  I felt really down for a few days and then I decided to go for a second lesson.   I realised I had a problem with cutting because I was left-handed and I was using right-handed scissors. So I bought myself left-handed shears and then went through my notes I made during my lessons, which slowly started to sink in.  My mother’s advice to buy cheap material and to practice cutting at home was very useful, like with anything new you learn with practice you perfect your skills.

I wanted to make a dress and gift it to a friend.   Talk about running before I could walk, but I dream big!  So I bought the material and sketched a dress design.  It was supposed to be a surprise, hence I had to use my own measurements and roughly estimated her size.  I wanted the dress to look like something you would buy off the high street.  Therefore I added some detail to it: a patch pocket, two belt loops and a long line back.  I can just imagine what you all are thinking for a beginner I was jumping way ahead of myself, and yes I like to make things difficult for myself.

Anyway, I spent an hour cutting the dress and over the next two days after work I sewed it.

I put the dress in an old Zara box and presented it to my friend.  She was gobsmacked because she thought I bought the dress from Zara.  She was overjoyed with the gesture and exclaimed: “I love it, I love Zara clothes!”

To burst her little bubble I said look at the name-tape by this stage I couldn’t help but smile like the Cheshire cat out of Alice in wonderland.  My friend looked at the name–tape and then looked at me, then looked back at the dress and again glanced over at me.  “You made this? I didn’t know you could sew!” she surprisingly asked with her jaw dropping.  I laughed and said yep.

The striped dress you can see in this blog has been designed and made by me. I have produced the following three outfit edits to show you how to wear the dress.


Fara.A – dress / La Redouteblue court shoes and Dorothy Perkinsblack jeggings

In outfit edit one for a modest look I have suggested wearing the dress with a pair of Dorothy Perkin, black jeggings and La Redoute blue suede court shoes.  By adding an Oasis black leather jacket as shown in the second outfit edit will create a chic attire for a night out on the town.


Fara.A – dress / La Redoute blue court shoes / Oasisblack leather jacket / Dorothy Perkinsblack bag with chain shoulder strap

In the third outfit edit, you can see the model wearing the dress with a red belt.


Fara.A – dress / Dorothy Perkinsred belt



3 thoughts on “My contribution to the fashion world

  1. Aleema says:

    Love reading your blogs!!!!

    And wow now you design and sew that’s amazing!!!!

    So grab yourself a pen and paper because I will be sending you my clothes order!!!!


  2. Syma says:

    Thanks! I really enjoyed this article. The dress you made looks fab. Can’t wait to see some of your designs on the High Street 😊.


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