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Hey Guys,

I know everyone likes going on a holiday but do people like buying a new wardrobe for their trip? Well, I know I like making an effort which all started during my childhood on trips abroad. My mother always bought me a new outfit to wear to the airport, so last year I did the same on a short break to Milan. 

To feel positive and good about my trip I put together an ‘airport outfit.’ It was something I had designed and customised myself. Whilst I browsed in the duty-free, I was startled by a scream; I turned around to find a young lady walking towards me. She very cheerfully shouted “Wow! Where did you get your outfit from? It’s beautiful!!” This was an unexpected surprise; she finished by advising me to use the social media to share my ideas and styles with other people.

I always make an effort when I’m travelling anywhere in the world. My outfit is styled to suit the climate, country and most importantly to reflect my personality. Most people pack a bag and are anxious about making it in time for the flight. Whereas I’m more concerned about making sure my outfit is right for the trip.

It’s everyone’s own choice to wear whatever they like; I have seen people wear casual clothes such as basic jeans and hoodies. But I think a little effort can really lift up your spirits and knowing that you’re going on holiday should be exemplified through your clothes.


May this year I went to Barcelona for a weekend break. I chose to go with the theme ‘Monochrome’. I wore an entire outfit from Dorothy Perkins, black and white sleeveless dress with a petite black bolero on top of black jeggings.  I chose a black turban style hijab as I found this well suited my outfit. By wearing red peeped -toe, coloured heels from Debenhams with black and white clothing; I wanted to make a bold statement! I also added a SilkFred red handbag, red bracelet, red ring and red lipstick just for a bit more detail.  My monochrome is no longer available, however, I have found a similar dress in House of Fraser which you can see in the first edit.


If you want to be safe/conservative, going with black heels would just make your outfit clean and modest. Red heels give your entire look some personality and in my personal and honest opinion, would pull the outfit from normal to amazing. Don’t be afraid to be outstanding!

monochrome dress –  / black petite bolero –  / black jeggings –  / red peep-toe shoes – / red clutch bag –


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7 thoughts on “Airport Outfit!

  1. Nadia says:

    Great, funky and fun blog. Will get out of my jeans and hoodie when I take my next trip to the airport 😉


  2. Saiqa says:

    Absolutely wonderful blog.. Just for a moment I left to go on holiday in my most wonderful outfit.. And just for a moment I was me, I was happy…


  3. Saima and Rekha,
    Thank your for your messages, I am happy you found my blog useful.
    Please make sure you click follow, so you get updated with the recent blogs.

    Fara x


  4. rekie says:

    Great blog! I agree… The way you dress can change your mood, how people react to you. Just need to put into action


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