Add a hint of lime to your wardrobe

Can I pull off a lime outfit?  Well, I think the bolder the better this spring by adding a hint of lime to your wardrobe.

First of all here are some interesting facts about the colour lime. Lime is used throughout the Caribbean as an alternative word for saying “to hang out”. In accordance to colour psychology, lime green is mostly liked by young people as it encourages youthfulness and fun. 

I used to think the colour lime was awful to wear because it’s luminescent. It also reminded me of the highlighter pen and the safety jacket worn by workmen. However recently I have come to like the colour lime because I have realised it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

Many people are afraid of wearing bold colours especially the colour lime. It’s mainly due to lack of confidence because anyone who wears this colour will definitely stand out from the rest. I have seen people wear an entire outfit including accessories in bright lime, which looks overstated. Personally, I think a definite no, no!! Conversely, if the outfit is a lighter shade of lime then it will be easier on the eye and can actually look rather stunning.

I will show you two alternative ways of wearing the colour lime stylishly and with great comfort. My reason for calling this blog ‘hint of lime’ because I think you only need to add one or two items of bright lime to your overall outfit.


In my first outfit edit, you will see it’s all about being classy and gorgeous. I have selected a New Look lime blazer to wear on top of a Dorothy Perkins cream shirt and cream trousers. Finish off the outfit with a pair New Look cream sandals and New Look lime bag. I love how this bright jacket creates an eye-catching outfit! This is a great garment for work or for even just meeting friends for lunch.


In my second outfit edit, I have chosen a New Look lime coloured, slogan t-shirt with Dorothy Perkins, black boyfriend blazer on a pair of New Look black jeggings. Complete the outfit with a pair of New Look laced-up boots to create a casual chic attire, but if you want to keep it girlish then replace the boots with a pair of New Look lime coloured court shoes.

lime look1.jpeg



4 thoughts on “Add a hint of lime to your wardrobe

  1. aleema says:

    I love this blog!!!
    I felt abit embarrassed wearing lime but reading your blog has given me so much ideas!!! I’m going to put my lime with other colours and wear it, better head into town!!!! Sum lime shopping!
    Thank you look forward to the next blog!


  2. Well said , many off us would never wear lime due to how bright it is , but you have showed us ways off which this colour can be worn, and il be defo be buying and following your trend.


  3. rekie says:

    I always find it difficult putting a bit of brightness in my plain black wardrobe. Thanks Fara … Very useful


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